Kronborg Castle T-C4305

クロンボルグ城 T-C4305
克龍堡城堡 T-C4305
卡隆堡城堡 T-C4305
크론보르성 T-C4305


篠田 守男
筱田 守男
시노다 모리오

Aluminum, piano wire, brass

Mechanical beauty alluding to a deck on a ship inspired by the setting for Hamlet.

靈感源自於「哈姆雷特」的舞台, 使人聯想到船艙甲板的機械之美
灵感源自于《哈姆雷特》的舞台, 使人联想到船舱甲板的机械之美
햄릿의 무대에서 생각해 낸 배의 갑판을 연상시키는 기계의 미

Looking at this work, rather than the overall shape, our eyes go to the wire intricately stretched around the upper part. Doesn’t it remind you of the masts on the deck of a ship?

Kronborg Castle stands in Copenhagen, Denmark and is known as the stage for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. When Shinoda went to Europe for his individual exhibition, he also stopped by at Copenhagen and visited this castle. He did not find the famous castle itself so interesting, but the vast collection of miniature pirate ships was overwhelming. He must have been fascinated by their detailed structure and functional beauty. It was the excitement he experienced then that triggered him to produce this work.