Terms of Use

When intending to view and/or utilize this website, managed by the Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts (hereinafter “the museum”), please confirm the following terms of use, and view and/or utilize only when in agreement with the terms.


In the website managed by the museum (hereinafter “this website”), images of artwork, etc. are posted, but unauthorized reproduction of those images is prohibited by law.


In principle, our website is free to be linked. It is not necessary to contact us when linking. However, depending on the website content and linking method, we may ask you to delete the link. Furthermore, http://www.art.pref.tochigi.lg.jp/index.html may be changed to another URL without prior notice.


  • Although we take all due precautions for the content of information posted on our website, we will assume no responsibility for the action of users conducted  using our website’s information, or loss incurred to the user from accessing our website, or loss accompanying service suspension.
  • The museum does not guarantee the accuracy or other aspects of the posted information on external sites that are linked to our website. If a problem occurs when using a linked site, responsibility is that of the linked site, so please take appropriate action.
  • The information and terms of use posted on our website may be changes or deleted without prior notice.

Recommenced environment

Our website can be viewed not only by computer, but also by such terminals as tablets and smart phones. We recommend the following browsers more safe and comfortable usage.

  • Windows
    Internet Explorer 8 or thereafter
    Mozilla Firefox latest version
    Google Chrome latest version
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    Safari 5.1 or thereafter
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  • Android
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In order to use our website in a more comfortable manner, a portion of the contents use JavaScript. If JavaScript is not activated in the browser setting you are using, please be aware that sometimes the information may not be correctly displayed or able to operate.

Plug in

A portion of the pages in our site sometimes require a plug in. Please install the latest version.

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Social media policy

The museum uses social media based on the following type of policy.


The museum operates an official Twitter account, official Facebook page, and official YouTube channel (hereinafter “our social media”).

Official Twitter account: artpref_tochigi

Official Facebook page: artpreftochigi

Official YouTube channel


We aim to become an art museum familiar to as many people as possible by distributing information via our social media.

Main distribution content
  • Information regarding exhibitions and exhibition-related events the museum holds
  • Information regarding education dispersing-related events the museum holds
  • New information on the museum’s official website
  • Information regarding the museum, such as content in the museum and business hours, etc.
Usage hours

Distribution is made on an irregular basis.

Response to following, comments, etc.

In principle we will not “follow,” “friend,” “like,” etc. another account. Furthermore, please be aware that in principle we will not respond to opinions or questions. If you have a question, etc., please contact the museum directly by telephone (028-621-3566).

Caution points

If a user makes a following post, the post may be deleted without prior notice.

  1. Content in violation, or may be in violation, of the law or regulations, etc.
  2. Content  contrary to public order and morals
  3. Content in violation of human rights
  4. Content that slanders specific individuals, companies, countries, regions, etc.
  5. Content differing with what is false and fact
  6. Content with the purpose of advertisement, propaganda, solicitation, business activity, political activity, religious activity, or other form of damage.
  7. Content with the risk of violating copyrights, trademarks, publicity rights, or a third person’s intellectual property rights
  8. Content that identifies, discloses, divulges, etc. personal information without the said person’s consent
  9. Harmful programs
  10. Inappropriate content, including indecent expressions, etc.
  11. Things for the purpose of linking to websites that contain the content notated above in items 1 – 10
  12. Content differing from that above which is determined to be inappropriate by the museum
Exemption from responsibility
  • This is not something that guarantees the accuracy, integrity, or usability of information in our social media. For that reason the museum will not assume any responsibility for damage suffered by users or third persons.
  • The museum will not assume any responsibility for content posted by users.
  • The museum will not assume any responsibility for damage suffered by users or third persons due to trouble between users or trouble between users and third persons that was generated in relation to our social media.
  • We will also not assume any responsibility for any type of loss generated by items in relation to our social media.
Account suspension

If for some reason it becomes difficult to supply information, we may suspend or delete our social media accounts.

Handling of personal information

Personal information attained via our social media will be appropriately handled based on the museum’s Privacy Policy .

Changes in the usage policy

This policy will be changed when necessary, and in that case notification will be made via our website, etc.

Privacy Policy

The museum places an emphasis on properly protecting the personal information of our users, and protects that personal information in the following manner, in accordance with the Tochigi Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance.
*Definition of personal information: Information that is related to an individual and can identify an individual, such as an address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Handling of personal information

The museum has clarified the purpose of our personal information handling tasks as follows, and in order to achieve that purpose we collect personal information in legal and just methods within the necessary range.  Furthermore, when collecting personal information, it is done in principle that the information is supplied at the said user’s desire.

  • Notification regarding participation in workshops and other events and volunteer activities
  • Publicity of exhibits and events via an e-mail magazine
  • Registration when loaning  automated guides and taking surveys
Usage restrictions of personal information

The museum, with the exception of the following predetermined cases, uses the collected personal information within the range of the collection purpose clearly stated ahead of time. We will not use or provide personal information without the consent of the said user for a purpose other than that which was clearly stated.

  • When the said person gives consent
  • When specified by law, etc.
  • In other cases, when  applicable to Tochigi Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance Article 7 Section 2
Management of personal information

The museum strictly manages the collected personal information, and takes appropriate measures to prohibit disclosure, misappropriation, alteration, etc.

Disclosure, correction, and usage suspension of personal information

When a request to disclose, correct, or suspend usage of personal information is made by the said user, we will promptly comply in accordance with the Tochigi Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

*Tochigi Prefecture Personal Information Protection Ordinance