清水 登之
清水 登之
시미즈 도시

Oil on canvas

A monumental work depicting the artist’s sympathy for the refugees living a hard life in the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

描寫在中日戰爭時期, 過著困苦生活的難民們的巨作
描写在中日战争时期, 过着困苦生活的难民们的巨作
태평양 전쟁 중의 난민의 고단한 삶에 대한 공감을 그린 대작

A crowd holding plates, bowls, and oilcans is portrayed. Many of the people seem to be heading towards us, but there are some going in the opposite direction. The people’s faces are like masks so that it is impossible to read their feelings. Together with the round plates in their hands, the people painted in restrained colors flicker in the picture as simplified forms. This painting seems to be composed by intentionally ignoring the feelings of both the people portrayed and the artist portraying them.

Toshi Shimizu had a deep interest in refugees from the 1930s to the 1940s. He visited the quarters inhabited by refugees immediately after the fall of Nanjing and sketched the people he saw there. While Shimizu often went to the battlefront as a war artist, he never lost imagination regarding the people placed in harsh circumstances.