Beach of Sainte-Adresse

생타드레스의 해안

MONET, Claude

モネ, クロード
莫內, 克勞德
莫奈, 克劳德
모네, 클로드

Oil on canvas

A painting by the young Monet that seems to foretell the birth of Impressionism.

彷彿預告了印象派的誕生, 是莫內早期的作品
仿佛预告了印象派的诞生, 是莫奈早期的作品
인상파 탄생을 예고하는 듯한 모네의 젊은 시절 작품

Claude Monet, a leading artist of Impressionism, painted this when he was twenty-four years old. He had just begun studying painting. In the summer of 1864, Monet invited Frédéric Bazille, a friend at the private art school he attended in Paris, and together they returned to Monet’s hometown, Le Havre. Sainte-Adresse, where Monet’s father had a villa, was a popular summer resort in those days and it was a favorable beach for painting landscapes.

This painting is one of a number of paintings Monet did when he visited Sainte-Adresse again in October. It served as a study for a work he submitted to the Salon the following year. Whereas the painting submitted to the Salon was repainted in the studio to attain a smooth finish, this painting was probably finished on the beach. The coarse brushstrokes depicting the waves glimmering in the golden sunlight and the rough representation of the fishermen hauling up their boat or the boats on the shore convey even the harsh cold and the warmth of the light on a beach in the north with a real feeling. It is a work that seems to foretell of the birth of the Impressionist Monet ten years later.