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Collection 1 TAZAKI Soun and KOMURO Suiun

KOMURO Suiun “ Red Phonenix and Purple Paulownia” 1939-45

Exhibition period April 15 - June 18, 2023

Collection Display 1 features TAZAKI Soun(1815-1898)and KOMURO Suiun(1874-1945). They, who connected with Tochigi Prefecture and have a teacher-student relationship, played an active role as the pioneers of the Kanto Nanga art world. In this exhibition, we will give an overview of the paintings of them from our collection.

Hours : 9:30 - 17:00 ( last admission 16:30 )
Closed : Mondays
Admission fee : Adults: 260 (200) yen
University & high school students: 120 (100) yen
Children under 15 (except high school students): Free
*You are admitted to the collection galleries with your special exhibition ticket.
* ( ) indicate group prices (20 people or more)
“ Swaying a Image of Mountains”
“ Sound of Stream in the Dark Valley”

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