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Collection 3  ARAI Hirokata

ARAI, Hirokata

Exhibition period October 28 – December 24, 2017

Collection Galleries features ARAI Hirokata (1878–1945), the Japanese-style painter who was born in Ujiie Town ( present: Sakura City ).
We look back his documents of cultural exchange with Indian artists in Bengal, the Ajanta cave wall painting copies, Indian-style Buddhist pictures after returning home, works in hometown Ujiie and elegant Buddhist image of later years in our collection.

On the second floor, we exhibit the images of faith or prayer in art works, such as Buddhist pictures faithfully drawn by ARAI Hirokata. Such as allegory, idol, nature worship or the wheel of life. We will outline the objects and representations that mankind has been devoting prayers to.

In addition, we specially exhibit our collection of KUSAMA Yayoi, who opened her own art museum in Tokyo in this October.

ARAI Hirokata
Xuan-Zang and Tai-Zong
ARAI Hirokata
Avarokitesvara on the Lotus Leaf

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