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 Fancy Dress

Exhibition period July 15 – October 15, 2017

We accept gender diversity in our society and gender-related issues are still open to discussion. Artists and their works are no exception.

This exhibition will feature works by Japanese women artists to show a wide range of their activities in modern art. We will present paintings by the pioneers, Haruko Hasegawa and Yuki Katsura, and by a founding member of Women Artists Association, Hamae Sakurai, along with works by postwar avant-garde artists, Saori Akutagawa and Keiko Akana.

Furthermore, we will exhibit works representing women in and out of Japan. The display will include female figures, such as Japanese girls in the Meiji period by Charles Wirgman, nudes by Kunisuke Hashimoto and Jin Osakabe, Ladies in Japanese history painting by Tomoto Kobori and wives illustrated in caricatures in 19th-century France.

Women in art reflect a set of ideas about female gender in society. We invite you to enjoy the variety of the works and hope to recognize the gaze of society.

By the Waterside
Les Divorceuses Pl. 2, Le Charivari
August 12, 1848

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