In Front of the Space Behind

배후의 앞

OMORI, Hiroyuki

大森 博之
大森 博之
오모리 히로유키

Resin plaster, beeswax

A sculpture retaining intense traces of the hands producing the work.

작품을 만들어 내는 격한 손의 흔적을 남긴 조각

The following comment was contributed to this work by the artist himself.

A work constantly arises only in front of the space behind. It is an offering to the space behind and, at the same time, an intrusion into the space behind. It twitches like a lizard’s tail cut off as an excess of the front. If the lizard that escaped is the space behind and my homeland, my hands await the appearance of those convulsions wanting to be in their company.

These words call a mysterious spacetime to mind, but such mysteriousness leads to the charm of this work, too.
Among the works by Omori, who has always been particular about his materials, the series including this work, in which he covers plaster with beeswax, is a representative existence. The undulations produced by stroking the plaster with his hands over and over again and the thickness of the translucent beeswax that covers them—the almost obstinate connection between the material and the artist’s hands produce a world of plastic arts unique to Omori.