Flower Basket “Ripples”

千筋捻摺漆花籃 “漣”
千筋捻摺漆花篮 “涟”
가는 세로줄 무늬로 짠 옻칠 꽃바구니


勝城 蒼鳳
胜城 苍凤
가쓰시로 소호


A flower basket inspired by the ripples on the surface of the water caused by the wind.

바람이 불어 수면에 생기는 물보라에서 발상한 꽃바구니

The reflections of the bamboo strips lined up horizontally at the center of the flower basket shimmer like ripples on the surface of the water. Katsushiro Soho gave form to the beauty of the moment at which the wind blew across a marsh in his neighborhood and the surface of the water rippled all of a sudden. He used madake bamboo growing in the wild around Nasu, which he cut, removed the bamboo oil, and preserved for three years. He then split it into 0.45 millimeter-thick strips. The bamboo strips are made thinner towards the top and each one of strips is scrupulously twisted. By lining up clockwise and anticlockwise twines alternately, countless ripples on the surface of the water are represented while maintaining the overall balance of the force applied to the basket. The portion strongly bent in a U-shape demonstrates a geometric sense of refreshment with the linear beauty of the bamboo and openwork.

While bringing out the strengths of the characteristics of the bamboo, Katsushiro has created new techniques that give form to the impressions he gets from nature. He pursues the beauty of plastic arts in which the motif, technique, and characteristic of the material form a trinity.