View of the Coast

해안 풍경

WIRGMAN, Charles

ワーグマン, チャールズ
維爾曼, 查爾斯
約翰, 康斯特布爾
워그먼, 찰스

Second half of the 19th century
Oil on canvas

A view of Yokohama painted by an Englishman who came to Japan in the nineteenth century.

19세기에 일본에 온 영국인이 그린 요코하마의 풍경

This is a coastal view from a high point. Beyond a quiet inlet, a headland covered in a thicket of trees sticks out and the side facing the sea forms a sheer cliff. The tall tree on the right and the rising ground on the left provide the picture with a kind of frame. This is a compositional method identifiable in Western landscapes from Claude Lorrain onwards. There are two women standing in the front right. The fact that they are wearing kimono tells us that this is a scene in Japan. The view is considered to be one of Honmoku Juniten in Yokohama. Wirgman, who painted this, was active in Japan in the closing days of the Tokugawa shogunate as a reporter of the British newspaper The Illustrated London News. He taught Western painting to Takahashi Yuichi and others.