MICHEL, George

ミシェル, ジョルジュ
米歇爾, 喬治
米歇尔, 乔治斯
미셸, 조르주

First half of the 19th century
Oil on canvas

A landscape by a French artist who was good at painting the sky with clouds hanging over and who pioneered naturalism.

作為自然主義的先驅的法國畫家, 擅長描繪濃雲密佈的天空
作为自然主义的先驱的法国画家, 擅长描绘浓云密布的天空
자연주의를 이끈 프랑스 화가들이 잘 그리던 구름이 낮게 깔린 하늘

Landscapes with hills and plains spreading out beneath our eyes and gray clouds hanging over the sky were Michel’s forte. In the front, we see a goatherd couple and in the mid-distance, farmers harvesting. Based on sketches done on Montmartre, Michel is said to have composed his landscapes in his studio. The low horizon is probably influenced by the Dutch landscapes he copied to make a living. At the Louvre, he also had opportunities to copy Rembrandt. Michel demonstrated a fresh sensibility in depicting the faint light shining through the layers of clouds in the sky, thereby anticipating naturalism.

However, Michel’s works were not appreciated at the Salon and he was unable to escape poverty throughout his lifetime. It was late in life, when he sold off the works in his studio, that young artists of the Barbizon School finally discovered his talent and he was to have an influence on them.