Bright with All Sorts of Flowers


IOKI, Bunsai

五百城 文哉
五百城 文哉
이오키 분사이

Watercolor on silk

A detailed depiction of the alpine plants blossoming in full glory in the Northern Alps in Japan.

일본의 북 알프스에 피어나는 고산 식물을 세밀하게 묘사

Alpine plants in diverse colors blossom in full glory and the inherent beauty of each one of the flowers is depicted like a specimen. The artist was such a devotee of alpine plants that he created a rock garden, which is said to be the first in Japan, in his own garden. The content of this painting also serves as something like a report of the botanization carried out on Mount Shirouma, which Ioki climbed together with fellow researchers of alpine plants. The inscription in the lower right tells us that this was painted for Kurushima Michihiro, a member of this group of alpine plant devotees. The renowned botanist Makino Tomitaro was also a member of this group and Makino gave botanical names to the new species of alpine plants that Ioki and others discovered.