Needle Juniper



小杉 放菴(庵)
小杉 放菴
존 컨스터블고스기 호안

Oil on canvas

A needle juniper in bright sunlight painted while the artist was traveling in Nagano.

長野旅行時的作品. 描繪了在陽光照耀下的杜松
长野旅行时的作品. 描绘了在阳光照耀下的杜松
여행간 나가노현에서 그린 밝은 햇빛이 비치는 노간주나무

Born in Nikko, Kosugi Hoan started out as a Western-style painter by studying under Ioki Bunsai. In those days, he went under the name Kosugi Misei. The Chinese characters for this pseudonym mean “not yet sobered up from having got drunk.” The name Hoan was assumed later, after he began working mainly on Japanese-style painting. At our museum, even the works dating from when the artist used the name Misei are displayed uniformly under the name Hoan. This painting was conceived on a journey to Nagano with fellow members of the magazine Hosun. It is a view on the bank of Chikuma River in the present Oya-cho, Ueda-shi, Nagano. The Japanese title Bebo no ki refers to a needle juniper. It is also known as “nezumisashi” or “muro.” This evergreen tree with needle-like leaves is said to have been called “hebo-matsu” or “bebo-no-ki” in Ueda and its environs.