Breeze of Early Summer

초여름 바람


川上 澄生
川上 澄生
가와카미 스미오

Woodcut on Paper

A representative work by a print artist who lived in Utsunomiya. It portrays a reverie of an early summer love.

生活在宇都宮的版畫家的代表作. 描繪了幻想中的初夏之戀.
生活在宇都宫的版画家的代表作. 描绘了幻想中的初夏之恋.
우쓰노미야에 살았던 판화가의 대표작. 초여름 사랑의 환상을 그림.

A woman dressed in an old-fashioned dress is standing at the center of the picture. Her skirt flutters largely in the wind. The woman seems taken aback and trembling. Looking carefully, you notice that the wind blowing around her is a wind and, at the same time, muscular men. There is a poem meaning “I want to be the early summer wind blowing around her” attached. This is a master example of modern Japanese art, in which the love for a woman and the early summer nature, rough yet full of vital force, overlap. Munakata Shiko, who later became a world-renowned print artist, is said to have resolved to pursue printmaking having seen this work by Kawakami.