Colored Vase

채색 단지


加守田 章二
加守田 章二
가모다 쇼지


A ceramic which transcends a “vessel” and gives form to the vital rhythm lurking in the clay.

運用泥土具有的生命節奏感而作成的造型, 超越了 “器” 的陶瓷藝術
运用泥土具有的生命节奏感而做出的造型, 超越了 “器” 的陶瓷艺术
흙이 가진 생명의 리듬을 형상화한 “그릇” 을 초월한 도예

A wave pattern in green, black, and white is repeated and covers the entire vase. There are holes bored along the borders of one color and another and these holes also depict rhythmical curves. However, it is not a light-hearted beauty that the continuous wave pattern exhibits. What it produces is more like an mystical rhythm that invites the viewer towards a profound world. Rather than bringing out the luster, the colors maintain the texture of the clay and the holes appear deep black. The mouth of the vase itself also looks like a gaping hole. What stands there can no longer simply be called a vase. It is a planet full of the mystical power the clay possesses. To Kamoda Shoji, ceramic art was to give appropriate form to the fundamental vitality and mystical character the clay possesses.