Clothes Hung Up to Dry

말리는 것

TAKAKU, Kuboku

高久 空木
高久 空木
다카쿠 쿠보쿠

Dyeing on textile

A modern work produced by means of a traditional dyeing method employing wax.

밀랍을 사용한 전통적인 염색 기법을 사용한 현대적인 작품

There are several clothes hung up to dry before our eyes. At the lower left, wave-like lines are running, making it look as if the sea spreads out. Having said so, the shape of each motif is not depicted realistically. It is closer to a composition of color planes. A nostalgic view of the seaside and an abstract composition of color planes coexist. This is probably due to the fact that this work is not done in a strongly materialistic medium like paint but is produced by means of the dyeing technique. In this case, the batik method is employed. In order to dye a certain color, the parts that are not to be dyed are protected by being covered in wax. By placing one color on top of another, overlaps of colors in numerous layers are produced.