Painting on the Edge II

作品 - 宛如波臨岸邊Ⅱ
作品 - 宛如波临岸边Ⅱ
작품 - 예를들면 물가에서Ⅱ

NAKANISHI, Natsuyuki

中西 夏之
中西 夏之
나카니시 나츠유키

Oil on canvas

A work full of the thinkings of an artist who was active from the 1960s.

從1960年代開始活躍於畫壇的畫家, 是一幅充滿思考的作品
从1960年代开始活跃于画坛的画家, 是一幅充满思考的作品
1960년대부터 활약해 온 화가의 생각이 넘치는 작품

There are six bright forms in the shape of lamplights in the four corners and the middle of the vertical sides, which are connected with a tall oval. By placing the six points in the slightly upper part of the image and marking the lower part of the oval with dark colored points, the verticality and top and bottom of the picture are decided, providing the overall image with stability. Avoiding the six lamplights, the entire image is covered in wedge-shaped white strokes. Thanks to the repeatedly painted forms and strokes, our eyes are directed equally to the center and the periphery, in other words, the entirety. By placing dim colors close to the lamplight or wedge-like forms, the overall image is presented with a floating depth. Such depth is not a reproduction of the real space but a depth unique to the pictorial space. This can be considered one of the results Nakanishi achieved having consistently pursued painting from the 1960s when he advocated anti-art.