Gaze: Follow the Aching Spray 31

まなざし-疼く飛沫を辿れ 31
目光 - 被飛沫濺疼 31
目光 - 被飞沫溅疼 31
시선 - 욱신거리는 물보라를 더듬어 가라

KANO, Mitsuo

加納 光於
加纳 光于
가노 미츠오

Oil on paper

A painting bringing out the best of beautiful coloring produced by coincidence.

우연히 만들어지는 아름다운 색채를 살린 회화

The paint undulates and sends up spray like a radiating aurora. This image created with oil paint mixed with beeswax was transferred onto paper using a thin film. By partitioning the undulating color patterns with similarly gradated sharp-edged straight lines, it also demonstrates a liveliness that seems to correspond to the flow of time. As the title “The Sphinx as Coloration” he chose for his individual exhibition held in 1992 indicates, Kano, who constantly quotes the decalcomania developed by the Surrealists, entrusts the control of coloring to contingency transcending human effort. This is one of a series of altogether eighty-five works produced before and after 1990.