Handicapped Eyes #6

不自由な眼差し #6
不自由的目光 #6
不自由的目光 #6
부자유한 눈빛 #6


石原 友明
石原 友明
이시하라 도모아키

Lenticular lens, color transparency, light box

A spatial representation transcending painting devised by utilizing the photographic principles.

사진의 원리를 이용하여 창출된 회화를 초월한 공간 표현

Red, blue, yellow, and black polka dots are floating in boundless depths. By moving your head to the left and to the right, the depth becomes clearer. This work employs a stereographic technique called a leticular lens and applies the principle of the two human eyes lined side by side. If you turn your head aside, the stereoscopic effect disappears. The history of painting has been the history of confusing the three-dimensional space in reality with the two-dimensional pictorial space. It was from the mid-nineteenth century, when photography was born, that painting clearly became aware of a two-dimensional flat space. This work applies photographic principles to realize spatial representation with depth, which painting had been dreaming of.