Square vase with grapevine design


TAMURA, Koichi

田村 耕一
田村 耕一
다무라 고이치


The artist’s skill in harmonizing various techniques and colors shines.

다채로운 기법과 색채를 조화시킨 수완이 빛난다

Produced at the peak of the artist’s career, this vase demonstrates the wisdom of ceramic decoration with iron glaze. Iron glaze is one of the most basic techniques of painting on ceramics and the patterns are drawn with a brown glaze rich in iron. Here, a grapevine is painted in free brushwork making good use of the modulation of the paintbrush. The vase is coated in white clay slip to make the iron glaze stand out. Such whitening is also a decorative design and the brown and this ground color balance the overall coloring. Beautiful reddish purple leaves and fruits are painted on the white slip. The reddish purple is a copper red glaze, which consists of copper and is a difficult color to develop. The harmony of such a variety of elements is where the artist shows his skill. Tamura Koichi was designated a Living National Treasure for his iron glaze technique on ceramics.