Vase with flower design



三井 安蘇夫
三井 安苏夫
미츠이 아소오


A well-balanced form created by a leading artist of metal crafts made by hammering metal sheets.

金屬工藝領域裡具代表性的作家, 將金屬板用鎚子敲打成造型端正的作品
금속판을 망치로 두들겨 만든 금속공예의 분야를 대표하는 작가의 단정한 조형

This orderly shaped metal vase is produced by employing the hammering technique. A metal sheet is placed on an anvil and hammered from the other side into the shape of a vase. From the Meiji period onwards, as hammering boasted brilliant techniques, the shape could be formed from a single sheet of metal. However, instead of employing a single sheet, Mitsui Asoo revived the joining technique which existed from ancient times. He could have made the joints invisible, but here, he deliberately emphasizes them as horizontal lines and substitutes them as decorative designs. Emphasis on joining served as a guide to the students bearing the future of the hammering technique. The students who studied under Mitsui at Tokyo University of the Arts played a key role in turning hammering into a field of metal art in which it is possible to create huge three-dimensional works, and one after another sculptor active not only in the world of crafts but also open-air sculpture appeared.