Constructive Curved Object

수축성 소곡면체

ITO, Kosho

伊藤 公象
伊藤 公象
이토 코쇼

1980 (reconstrcuted in 1993)
Stoneware and acrylic resin

A work by an artist who is in search of the potential of giving form to clay in Kasama, Ibaraki.

이바라키현 가사마시의 흙의 조형 가능성을 찾는 작가의 작품

Innumerable board-like squares are stacked inside a transparent acrylic box. That is probably the first impression you get upon confronting this work. If you look a little more carefully, you will notice that the boards are wrinkled and look like cardboard. Further examination reveals that the nine stacks are composed of piles of countless boards with exactly the same wrinkles. That is to say, each one of them is a ceramic tile.

Ever since he moved to Kasama, Ibaraki, Ito Kosho has continued to produce three-dimensional works employing clay as his material. Like Mashiko in Tochigi, Kasama is known as a ceramic town. Ito chose this location as the base for his work and still continues in search of the potentials of clay.