Vase, natural fly-ash glaze, stripe pattern silver overglaze

회유야키시메 은줄무늬 항아리

SETO, Hiroshi

瀬戸 浩
濑户 浩
세토 히로시


Modern silver stripes on a vase that reminds us of a full moon jar dating from the Joseon dynasty.

壺的造型使人聯想起朝鮮王朝時代的滿月壺, 壺身繪有銀色的摩登條紋
壶的造型使人联想起朝鲜王朝时代的满月壶, 壶身绘有银色的现代条纹
조선시대 달항아리를 연상하게 하는 그릇에 은색의 모던한 스트라이프

This vase is like a large, round full moon. It reminds us of the shape of a Korean white porcelain full moon jar, “dalhangari,” of the Joseon dynasty. This vase is planed off with eight facets, each of which is decorated with silver stripes that form a zigzag. The brown ground showing here and there between the silver stripes is the ground color of a mixture of Mashiko and Shigaraki clays. In most cases, the striped pattern that Seto was good at covers the entirety of the geometric form. However, in this work, the ground color peeks through the silver and the beveling is kept to a degree that does not ruin the spherical impression. By combining a modern sensibility distinctive of the artist and traditional beauty, Seto attempted a contemporary “full moon jar (dalhangari).”