Rousseau Kit “The Football Players”

盧索 立體模型 “踢足球的人們”
卢梭 立体模型 “踢足球的人们”
루소・키트 “풋볼을 하는 사람”

AOKI, Seiichi

青木 世一
青木 世一
아오키 세이치

Oil on board
200×300×180cm (Dimension variable)

A painting by the French artist Henri Rousseau turned into a three-dimensional work.

프랑스 화가 루소의 회화를 입체화한 작품

A painting is an art in which three-dimensional objects and spaces are represented on a plane, but this work conversely “reconstructs” The Football Players, a painting by Henri Rousseau, as a three-dimensional work. The “sides,” which do not exist in the original painting in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, can be seen. Aoki has made other “kits” from works by artists such as Cézanne, Van Gogh, and Ogata Korin, which he has serialized as “AOKIT”s. Imitating plastic model construction kits, the package is marked with Aoki Corporation’s corporate mark composed of three faces pronouncing “a,” “o,” “ki.” These “AOKIT”s are displayed with a common characteristic. The remainders of the cutouts and the package are placed along with the main structure, presenting the unfinished situation one step before completion as an installation. There are a variety of keys to analyzing Aoki’s works such as planes and three-dimensional works or the relationship between the original and a reproduction, but the artist himself seems to cherish the “thrill” of approaching completion.