小林 孝亘
小林 孝亘
고바야시 다카노부

Oil on cotton

Subtle sunshine filtering through the branches of the trees depicted by a popular contemporary Japanese artist.

現代非常受歡迎的日本畫家, 描繪陽光從樹葉的縫隙間照射下來的風景
现代非常受欢迎的日本画家, 描绘阳光从树叶的缝隙间照射下来的风景
현대 일본 회화의 인기 작가가 그린 나무 사이로 비치는 섬세한 햇살

Anyone knows how sunshine filters through the branches of trees. Be it that on a summer day in your boyhood, when you were traveling with no particular destination in mind, or the day you forgot everything as you were so deeply in love, each one of you remember your own sunshine. However, that sunshine never forms the same image on your retinas again. That sunshine exists somewhere on a separate level beyond the borders of time and space and seems to continue quietly shedding light on something beyond your reach.

Takanobu Kobayashi has been trying to capture such unseizable sunshine. In this work, too, the sunshine filters through the foliage on a house seen from the front. If you move away from the painting a little, you might be able to feel the silhouette of the towering tree and the space extending around it. Moving closer to the painting, you will notice that the surface texture of the painting is surprisingly substantial as if covering up the hazy light. Measuring the distance from the painting, you search for the point where the sunshine forms an image. It is a hunt for the point where the sunshine on that irreplaceable day forms an image.