MOTONAGA, Sadamasa

元永 定正
元永 定正
모토나가 사다마사

Oil and synthetic resin paint on canvas

A contemporary painting full of energy alluding to life and the origin of the universe.

使人聯想到生命和宇宙的誕生, 是一幅充滿了能量的現代繪畫作品
使人联想到生命和宇宙的诞生, 是一幅充满了能量的现代绘画作品
생명과 우주 탄생을 연상시키는 활기 넘치는 현대 회화

A red-colored ball coming from the right bumps fiercely into a yellow-colored ball coming from the left, which causes an explosion. The impact of the crash makes all sorts of colors gush out from both balls. The fierce collision gives rise to heat, light, and loud reverberation. We feel as if we are witnessing the origin of the universe. But, it could be viewed in a different way, too. Red and Yellow meet, get attracted to each other, and produce a new life while on affectionate terms. In either case, there is an outpouring of exuberant energy.

Sadamasa Motonaga did diverse experimental productions as a key member of the Gutai group. However, rather than experimenting for the sake of experimenting, he was revealing his free and affluent ideas as they came. In this work, too, while creating shapes, the artist seems to deviate from them. It is overflowing with a liberal spirit not restricted by anything.