Rainbow Rain D

彩虹雨 D
彩虹雨 D
레인보우 레인 D


靉 嘔
叆 呕
아이 오우

Oil on canvas

A contemporary artist renowned for his rainbow-colored works invites the viewer into rainbow-colored rain.

以描繪彩虹而聞名的現代畫家, 彷彿將觀賞者引領到彩虹色的雨中
以描绘彩虹而闻名的现代画家, 仿佛将观赏者引领到彩虹色的雨中
무지개색의 작품으로 유명한 현대작가가 보는 사람을 무지개빛 빗속으로 유혹

Paint is dripping like rain from beautiful rainbow-colored stripes. The vertical lines fall over the other stripes but the colors never weaken. Each color runs all the way down retaining its purity. The paint exists as a fluid running down the canvas and what the viewer of this painting feels strongly is the speed of the paint. Looking closely, you notice that the horizontal stripes also change slightly. The stripes, which are more or less the same width at the top of the canvas, get warped, bent, or melted further down. Coupled with this huge canvas, you may also feel as if you are standing in the rainbow-colored rain and melting yourself.

AY-O is known for dyeing ukiyo-e and paintings by Henri Rousseau in the colors of the rainbow, but he also does a lot of work transcending graphics in character such as works stimulating the tactile sensation or installations within a certain environment. Although this painting is a two-dimensional plane, it seems to ooze out into three-dimensional space and enwrap the viewer.