川島 理一郎
川岛 理一郎
가와시마 리이치로

Oil on canvas

An oil painting depicting a Japanese maiko in modern colors and free brushwork.

일본의 마이코를 모던한 색채와 자유로운 붓 놀림으로 그려낸 유채화

A maiko is sitting at a bay window. The colors are dazzling in the bright sunlight. The kimono is blue, the sash red, and the bay window a pale orange and mauve. Most of the contours are painted in a fresh green. As we look at this painting, first of all, we enjoy this sumptuous feast of colors. Then, we appreciate the free movement of the paintbrush as it places the colors on the canvas. The speedy movement of the brush enables us to comfortably imagine how the maiko, the indoor space, and the view beyond the window were formed. Being able to envisage the scene in which a painting is produced is one of the greatest joys of looking at a painting.

Riichiro Kawashima was deeply involved in the field of applied arts such as interior decoration and fashion from early on. He looked up to Matisse as his mentor throughout his life and was continuously strongly aware of Matisse’s style. Kawashima probably tried to realize both the flamboyance and lightheartedness of applied arts and Matisse’s rigor in this typically Japanese design.