Soldiers and Priests, Toledo

兵隊與僧侶 (托雷多郊外)
兵队与僧侣 (托莱多郊外)
병사와 승려 (톨레도 근교)


清水 登之
清水 登之
시미즈 도시

Oil on canvas

A scene captured in Toledo, Spain early in spring, which is somehow humorous.

取材於初春的西班牙托雷多郊外, 蘊藏著幽默的光景
取材于初春西班牙托莱多的郊外, 蕴藏着幽默的光景
이른 봄 스페인 톨레도에서 취재한 어딘가 유머러스한 광경

From February to May 1925, Toshi Shimizu traveled around Spain. Having moved from New York to Paris in the spring of the previous year, Spain came after having spent the winter in Paris. Amidst the dreary weather in the depth of winter in Paris, no doubt his longing for the glorious Spanish sun would have become stronger and stronger. In Spain, he stayed mostly in Madrid, where he copied works by Tintoretto at the Prado and covered features characteristic of Spain. In March, he spent three weeks in Toledo.

This painting portrays a military drill at a military academy on the outskirts of Toledo. Although the students are marching in step to the command, seen from a distance, there is a somewhat humorous air to the sight, too. There are priests on a high point in the foreground. Perhaps the theme the artist wanted to depict was the striking contrasts visible in the Spanish climate and culture such as stillness and motion, body and mind, or light and dark.