Fine Rain



石川 寒巌
石川 寒严
이시카와 칸간

Color on paper, two-fold screen

A richly emotional landscape depicting the artist’s hometown dimly visible in the rain, which brought him into prominence.

情緒豐富地描繪了雨煙朦朧的故鄉風景, 是本畫家的成名作
情绪丰富地描绘了雨烟朦胧的故乡风景, 是画家的成名作
비로 흐릿하게 보이는 고향의 풍경을 풍부한 정서로 그려낸 화가의 출세작

Ten years after giving up the idea of living in Tokyo in a state of despondency, in 1920, Kangan went to Tokyo again. His yearning for Tokyo and his dream to become an artist never ceased. However, his interest in Western-style painting had vanished completely and as soon as he got to Tokyo, he became a pupil of Suiun Komuro. From there, he began studying eagerly and grew little by little into an artist recognized by his teacher.

This screen, together with Fine Evening (Ueno Kinen-kan), was submitted to the Nippon Nanga-in Exhibition and proved a memorable work for which Kangan received recommendation as a member of that institute. The subject matter is considered to be a farming village rich in nature in the artist’s hometown Kurobane. Kangan captures the faint landscape hazy in the rain in a superb way. Following Suiun’s teachings, Kangan eagerly incorporated realistic expressions in his nanga (literati painting), but it was not only realism. He also depicted a unique atmosphere that might be described as emotionality. Hereafter, Kangan continued to be active at Nihon Nanga-in.