View of Riverbank, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

니혼바시 하마쵸의 강가


石川 寒巌
石川 寒严
이시카와 칸간

Oil on canvas

A view of Tokyo painted by an artist, who later became a great nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist, in his young days.

著名的日本畫畫家, 年輕時代所描繪的東京的風景
著名的日本画画家, 年轻时代所描绘的东京的风景
일본화가로서 대성하는 화가가 젊은 날에 유화로 그린 도쿄의 풍경

Having an interest in literature and art from early on, six months after graduating from Otawara High School, Kangan Ishikawa left for Tokyo, the city he yearned for. He initially wanted to enter Tokyo Fine Arts School, but that wish was not fulfilled. Furthermore, having become ill, he returned to his hometown in less than a year. However, he did frequent institutes such as Taiheiyogakai Kenkyujo and it proved a period for him to become serious in studying painting.

This oil painting was done while Kangan was in Tokyo and dates from his youth before he began working actively as a nanga (literati painting) artist. The surface of Sumida River at twilight is captured in an Impressionist-like style. To a young man of twenty, life in Tokyo away from his family must have been full of hope and apprehension. His diary remains, in which he describes how he would think of his parents back home whenever he walked along Sumida River. This is a painting that calls such a scene to mind.