New Year’s Day



石川 寒巌
石川 寒严
이시카와 칸간

Color on paper, a pair of six-fold screens

A masterwork demonstrating both decorativeness and realism painted towards the end of the artist’s life.

融合了裝飾性與寫實性的作品, 是畫家晚年的巨作
融合了装饰性与写实性的作品, 是画家晚年的巨作
장식성과 실용성을 겸비한 화가 만년의 대작

Active at Nippon Nanga-in from the mid-1920s, it was around 1930 that a change in style emerged in Kangan’s works. Making a complete change from the characteristically profound landscapes he had been painting until then, he began to present more bird and flower paintings and works featuring a realistic tendency and decorative elements.

This pair of six-fold screens was submitted to the Nippon Nanga-in Exhibition held in 1934 together with a sketchbook entitled A New Account of Tales of the World. While possessing both realism and decorativeness, this large image portraying azaleas and games fowls proved popular as it also maintained an elegance typical of nanga (literati painting).

However, this was the last time Kangan presented his works at the Nippon Nanga-in Exhibition. Having spent the following year, 1935, ill in hospital and convalescence, in 1936, he died at the young age of forty-six. That was just the year in which Nippon Nanga-in was dissolved.