River Landscape with Herdsman and Rustic Lovers

소를 모는 풍경


ゲインズバラ, トマス
庚斯博羅, 托馬斯
庚斯博罗, 托马斯
게인즈버러, 토머스

exh. RA 1781
Oil on canvas

A refined pastoral scene by an artist who was active in England in the eighteenth century.

活躍於18世纪的英國畫家, 描繪了優雅的田園風光
活跃于18世纪的英国画家, 描绘了优雅的田园风光
18세기 영국에서 활약한 화가가 그려낸 우아한 전원풍경

Thomas Gainsborough was a leading artist of eighteenth century British painting and his art is versatile. He is well-known for his sumptuous portraits of people dressed in ornate clothes, but the artist himself was fond of painting landscapes most of all. His landscape paintings are wide-ranging from naturalistic views of his hometown Suffolk to scenes influenced by seventeenth century Dutch painting and further to pictures of children playing in the countryside, which are referred to as “fancy pictures.” Together with a friend, the French artist Philip James de Loutherbourg, Gainsborough even undertook “eighteenth century light shows” so to speak, which were reverse glass paintings of stage setting-like landscapes. Gainsborough continued to work freely without adhering to the standards and his achievements were indeed fit for him to be called a master of the “English Rococo.”

This painting was presented at an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1781. Rococo-taste motifs such as rustic lovers, a herdboy, and charming cattle are depicted on a decorative oval canvas.