BOURDELLE, Emile-Antoine

ブールデル, エミール=アントワーヌ
布德爾, 埃米爾 安托萬
布德尔, 埃米尔 安托万
부르델, 에밀 앙트완


A work by a master of modern French sculpture with ancient Greece as the theme.

近代法國著名的雕刻家, 以古代希臘神话為題材所製作的作品
近代法国著名雕塑家, 以古代希腊神话为题材的作品
근대프랑스 조각의 거장이 고대 그리스를 테마로 제작

Together with Aristide Maillol, Emile-Antoine Bourdelle was a leading sculptor of the generation following Auguste Rodin, the father of modern sculpture. Bourdelle once worked under Rodin for a while and his early works are influenced by his master. However, with Head of Apollo with Neck, which he began working on in 1900, as a turning point, he moved away from a Rodin-like style and began producing imposing, monumental works. Seeing Bourdelle’s work, Rodin is said to have commented, “You have surpassed me.”

Following Head of Apollo with Neck, ancient Greece was again the theme in Penelope. Here, Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, a hero who appears in Greek mythology, is represented waiting tediously for the return of her husband, from whom she has not heard since he left on a expedition to Troy.