Pond in Ville-d’Avray
(Washerwomen and Horses Coming to the Watering Place)

빌다브레의 연못(빨래하는 여인들과 물 먹이는 곳에 오는 말)

COROT, Jean-Baptiste-Camille

コロー, カミーユ
柯洛, 卡米耶
柯罗, 卡米尔
코로, 카뮤

Oil on canvas

A beautifully harmonized landscape enwrapped in subtle coloring and light.

壟罩著纖細的色彩與光線, 非常和諧的風景畫
笼罩着纤细的色彩与光线, 非常和谐的风景画
섬세한 색채와 빛에 둘러 쌓인 조화에 찬 풍경화

The washerwomen have already started their daily task by a pond in a forest, where there are still signs of the morning mist. In the mid-distance, a man is about to set off on his boat and another man is bringing his horses to drink water from the right. The morning sun rising from the back right seems to be announcing the refreshing good weather today. This is a well-harmonized landscape based on sketching from nature.

Corot did this oval painting to console his sick father. He painted it as a decoration for his father’s villa in Ville-d’Avray on the outskirts of Paris from summer to autumn in 1847. Corot’s father was a rich draper and made his son serve as an apprentice in the family business at first. However, he eventually gave in to his son’s enthusiasm and allowed his son to become an artist. Already aged twenty-six at that point, for Corot, it was a late start as an artist. He was one generation older than the Barbizon school and proved a good leader and guardian to poor artists.