Landscape: Woman with Tambourine

풍경・탬버린을 든 여자

TURNER, Joseph Mallord William

ターナー, ジョゼフ・マロード・ウィリアム
特納, 約瑟夫 瑪羅德 威廉
特纳, 约瑟夫 玛罗德 威廉
터너 조지프 말로드 윌리엄

Oil on canvas

A masterpiece by Turner in his later years portraying light that seems to shine through from inside the picture.

彷彿像是從畫中滲透出來一般的光線, 是特納晚年的名作
仿佛要从画中渗透出来一般的光线, 是特纳晚年的名作
그림 속에서 배어 나오는 빛을 그린 터너 만년의 명작

The ruins of an ancient bridge can be seen amidst the fog shining white in the sun. A pine tree in the shape of an umbrella soars on the left. It reminds us of an Italian landscape, but the location has not been identified. It is probably a view Turner, who continued to yearn after Italian light throughout his lifetime, envisaged in his mind.

This painting shows Turner’s style in his later years with all the motifs seeming to melt into the hazy light. Turner conceived the image of this landscape from early on under the influence of Claude Lorrain. In Liber Studiorum, a collection of prints which began to be published in 1807, the composition of this painting is presented as Woman and Tambourine. A woman playing the tambourine, a child wanting to dance to the tambourine, animals grazing, etc.—there is no significant change in the motifs, but the radiant light that seems to shine through from the inside is a style the artist attained late in life.